Hi, my name is Cody. Over the last few years, I have been slowly working on creating a collection of whimsical watercolor paintings to offer on a line of high-quality, hand-printed products. The items I sell range from custom paintings, murals, and limited-edition prints to buttons, mugs, and stickers, and my goal is to make my art accessible to a wide range of customers. Having limited funds shouldn’t keep you from enjoying local artwork.

I spent 2018 selling at the Skidmore Saturday Market in downtown Portland, which was my first time running a consistent booth all season. Every weekend was spent setting up and taking down my booth, meeting customers, selling artwork, and really getting a feel for the full-time commitment to my growing art business.

In 2019 I was lucky enough to become part of the Vancouver Farmer’s Market family. Since I live in  Vancouver, it was great to get to work close to home and establish a friendly, local customer base. I couldn’t be happier—that year was a game changer! Suddenly my wisp of a dream of making a career out of creating, printing, and selling my own artwork was a reality. 2019 proved that I could do it. 

As we head into 2020 that fragile dream is in danger of crumbling around the edges, so it’s time to adjust, to improve, and to evolve in order to survive. That’s where this new website comes in. Although I prefer to meet people in person and make a connection while sharing my work, the most important thing is to still share it. It brings me joy to make it, and I would love to continue sharing that joy with all of you.

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